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Boosting product appeal with Amazon A Plus Content design

Table of contents

    • Introduction

Overview of the importance of A+ Content in Amazon’s competitive marketplace.

  • Understanding A+ Content
  • Premium A+ Content
  • Differences between standard A+ Content and Premium A+ Content.
  • Benefits of A+ Content
  • Optimising Amazon A+ Content
  • Conclusion

Making an impression in Amazon’s competitive marketplace is essential to drawing customers and increasing revenue. Premium media, like enhanced photos and text placements, can be added to product descriptions by brand owners using Amazon’s sophisticated A Plus Content tool, also previously known as  Enhanced Brand Content  design. This feature adds visually engaging content to the product story to assist sellers and vendors convert more visitors into consumers.

What is A+ Content?

Sellers can add a more interesting story to the product description part of their branded ASINs by editing the content with A+ Content. Sellers can more successfully highlight the distinctive value of their items by including comprehensive descriptions, excellent photos, charts, and comparison tables. Customers may browse with ease thanks to this improved content, which is conveniently located beneath the product features area of the Amazon product detail page.

Eligibility for A+ Content

To access A+ Content, sellers must register with the Amazon Brand Registry, which protects registered trademarks and offers a number of tools to help with brand management and development. Following registration, sellers can use their Seller Central dashboard’s A+ Content manager to start creating better listings.

What is Premium A+ Content?

Standard Amazon A+ Content design adds simple media modules to product sites; Premium A+ Content, often called A+ Content, goes one step further with features like interactive media, larger layout designs, video modules and content that is tailored for mobile devices.

Difference between A+ Content and Premium A+ Content

To summarise some key differences between A+ and premium A+ Content on Amazon:

A+ Content Premium A+ Content
Free Free
Available to all sellers enrolled in Brand Registry Available to all brand registered sellers with Brand Story and at least 5 A+ Content submissions in the last 12 months.
7 modules  7 modules 
No video content options


Embedded video content, offering a richer media experience
Suitable for products that need more description, more lenient character count. Suitable for premium visuals that reduce character count
Standard image sizes


Wider, full-width images

Benefits of A+ Content

  • Increase your conversion rate: Products with A+ Content typically have a greater conversion rate than those that don’t. Improved visual material raises the possibility of sales by assisting consumers in making knowledgeable purchase decisions.
  • Reduce returns and negative Reviews: A+ Content can drastically lower the likelihood of returns and unfavourable reviews by giving thorough information and setting clear expectations about the product. There is less chance of customer disappointment when they know exactly what they are purchasing.
  • Show off your product in amazing detail with customizable modules: Custom modules with a text and image combination to visually engage customers and highlight the salient features of the product are made possible by A+ Content.
  • Tell your brand story: By establishing a stronger emotional connection with consumers, A+ Content enables brands to do more than just market a product—it helps them tell their story, find their voice, and win their trust and loyalty.
  • Easier on the eyes: Customers find it simpler to understand information when it is presented visually, and this can result in a more pleasurable purchasing experience and more consumer engagement.

How to fully optimise your Amazon A+ Content

  • Provide unique and relevant product information: Make sure the material in your content is relevant to the reader and beneficial by crafting it to emphasise the special features of your product.
  • Make the content simple to read: To make material easier to read, arrange it into bullet points, brief paragraphs, and lots of white space.
  • Respond to frequently asked questions: Include responses to frequently asked queries in your writing. This can include information obtained from client testimonials or frequently asked questions from competitor listings.
  • Alt-image keywords: To boost SEO, use alt-image keywords, which can bring people to your product page and help the images rank higher in search engine results.
  • Comparative evaluation: Examine competitors’ pages frequently to make sure your material is still better and more interesting.
  • Making outstanding pictures and infographics: Make an educational infographic and invest in high-quality photos to showcase the advantages of your product and help customers understand why they should pick your brand.
  • Provide real value: Steer clear of filler material. Every bit of information should instead be used to tell the consumer about the features and advantages of the product.
  • Follow your brand guidelines: Apply your brand’s visual and communication style consistently to build trust and brand recognition.


For sellers trying to improve their product listings and increase conversion rates on Amazon, A+ content is a vital resource. Through the smart utilisation of this feature, sellers may greatly enhance their product visibility, customer satisfaction, and sales by following brand requirements and producing valuable content. By hiring experts for A+ content creation, you can make sure that the material not only satisfies Amazon’s requirements but also appeals to the intended demographic, which will increase sales growth potential.