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Bodies Bodies Bodies Trailer thought after watching the film

“The bodies bodies bodies” is a comedy directed by harina reggin and starred by amandra Steinberg and Maria bacarova. The film tells the story of a group of rich people in their 20s who are in crisis when holding a hurricane party. When a group of rich people in their 20s planned to hold a hurricane party in a remote family mansion, a party game became fatal in this fresh and interesting look: stabbing people behind their backs and false friends, and one of the parties was very wrong.

Introduction to Bodies Bodies Bodies Trailer’s Plot

The Bodies Bodies Bodies is about a group of friends who play a mock murder game called “Bodies Bodie Bodies” at a remote weekend party, only to have the real murder happen. when things get worse. The film airs on August 5, 2022, click the Watch-Now button below to get more Bodies Bodies Bodies Trailer details.

Halina Reijn directed according to Sarah delappe’s script and promised to examine backstabbing and false friends from a new and interesting perspective at a very, very wrong party. A hell of promising actors were assembled, the bodies bodies bodies stars amandra Steinberg (dear Evan Hansen, upcoming Star Wars: attendants), Borat’s subsequent film breakthrough stars Maria bacarova, Mihara Herod (industry), chase Sui Wonders (on the rock, Daniel is not real), Rachel Sennott of Shiva baby, Lee pace of the foundation, And SNL comedian Pete Davidson.

The party will never be deserted. This group of friends gathered in a mansion to avoid the hurricane. They didn’t participate in peaceful parties, so after drinking a lot of alcohol and drugs, they turned to a fierce game to keep fun. The corpse is a mystery of murder, which always makes the whole team feel uneasy, but this time the real murder happened, and the game became extremely serious.

If the setting seems a little extreme, it is because it should be. This movie is a satire, dressed up as a horror film, which is an uncomfortable mix and match that people can’t control. However, in the 2019 film “instinct”, a psychologist fell in love with the sex offender she was treating, which made her feel uncomfortable. She had to be careful to avoid situations that were easily misunderstood. If you want to watch free Bodies Bodies Bodies Trailer, you can visit 4khotvideo to watch it.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Trailer Review

I like it very much. It’s a surprise thriller, which arouses my long-awaited expectation of low-cost commercial films. After the film, the director and the team’s q&a session can really feel that the crew gets along very harmoniously, and sometimes the atmosphere of the crew will have a qualitative impact on the shooting.

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