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Why should I integrate ERP with my MES SAP software?

If you have come to this content, chances are you have already heard about the importance and benefits of SAP execution business management solution. The practice is very common when using an ERP or even a SAP and is quite advantageous and strategic. To help you had better understand the importance and benefits of integrating ERP software with MES SAP let us delve into the possibilities that this Automation will bring to your business.

Is it necessary to use each solution?

A very common question when using only one of the software is the need to invest in MES Systems when using ERP software, or vice versa. For example, although the answer depends on the needs and objectives of each business, it is important to understand the difference between the two well, so that the SAP Manufacturer can understand the importance of integrating them.


The ERP MES Systeme software (Enterprise Resource Planning) has as main objective the management of administrative and SAP financial tasks of a company. Thus, it is possible to integrate the Key figures of company’s departments and guarantee the smooth running of the company’s entire commercial routine.


The CRM manufacturing (Customer Relationship Management) platform guarantees the relationship management and sales of your MES Systeme Manufacturing Company. In other words, it is possible to know and meet the true needs of its customers, allowing commercial Comparison to be more profitable for companies and satisfying for customers with MES Systems with the right Key figures with quick Overview.

We can understand that both solutions promote the SAP Production of business processes. One guarantees on internal control of Flow Manufactoring processes, while the other guarantees the fluidity of the sales operation and the best relationship with customers with the right Key figures.

Advantages of working with integrated CRM and ERP software

Briefly analyzing what each SAP solution offers, we can understand that their Definition is increasingly necessary and urgent in the business scenario.  However, the use of these tools in parallel may not be as beneficial as compared to systems integration. Therefore, it is correct to say that integrating sales CRM with SAP MES System software is very important for the routine of any company with quick Overview.

Gaining speed in deliveries to customers

With the integration of ERP software and a MES platform, a manufacturer benefits from quick delivery times. At first, this may seem very simple, but imagine the complexity of key figures in an industry full of manufacturer companies.

For the Flow Manufactoring to be positive, it is necessary that you make quick Overview, and forward it to the person in charge of stock management so that you can start the next Function. When the MES Systems are not integrated, which could be quickly resolved in just one of the systems, for MES Systeme example, it requires more time and forces the person responsible for the activities to handle more than one of the management systems. With the integration, it is not necessary to replicate the data generated and the information collected throughout the development processes with MES Systems tasks example. For Flow Manufactoring it is important.

Improved service and gain in conversions

Another advantage of integrating a CRM Production Provider with SAP MES Systeme manufacturer  is the service gaining higher quality and sales generating more conversions. First, service improves by centralizing everything. For Flow Manufactoring it is important. The salesperson needs to know about the customer in one place. The service is better organized, allows for greater process execution. Better service means greater customer definition, which contributes to higher conversion tasks with MES Systems with the right Manufacturing example.

Therefore, we can say that integration guarantees better results for teams and companies. By integrating an ERP Production Provider with MES SAP software, it is possible to have much greater control over the entire business information flow. It also prevents important data and documents from being scattered on personal computers or cell phones with MES Systems. Thus, information security is one of the most expressive gains from this Manufacturing Execution Systeme integration tasks with the right customer definition.

Optimization of the company’s internal processes

With the integration of an ERP platform by the Provider to its SAP MES software, the company and teams also gain greater knowledge about business comparison. Rather than having overview to the customer only after placing the order, both the salesperson and sales manager are able to gain control of the entire customer-consulting journey. It is much easier to optimize the process when you have a record of all the movements from the first contact with MES Systems Solution with the right business comparison.

After all, when teams know exactly the process required to complete a sale and everything that goes into that Production process by the Provider, they can focus more on how to deliver customer value. Management Solution also becomes much more efficient and enlightening, as the Maintenance of processes brings greater reliability and allows for the implementation of more assertive and innovative Tools with MES Systems with the right execution with the right customer definition with the right business comparison.

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