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How A Learning Management System Can Help Improve Organizational Diversity Among Employees

Organizational culture is often an overlooked aspect which can impact other business aspects. It plays a pivotal role in creating a harmonious and peaceful environment where everyone gets to thrive.

An organization’s culture is diverse because its members come from a wide range of backgrounds. Your organizational culture will be an amalgamation of different cultures.

This means you must respect diversity and inclusion so that your employees develop a sense of belonging and feel respected. You can do that via a learning management system.

This guide will walk you through the ways a learning management system for businesses does more than just train employees.

Why You Should Aim for An Enviable Organizational Culture?

When you define your company culture and put it into practice, you make it a point to avoid misunderstandings. A positive and nurturing culture increases positive attitudes towards work and senior management. It also builds teamwork, boosts confidence and increases employee engagement.

An organization that lacks such a culture can lead to job burnout, dissatisfaction and lack of engagement at work. A lack of positive culture can lead to higher dysfunctional turnover.

Why Is Diverse and Inclusive Culture Important?

Studies suggest that diverse and inclusive culture has a positive impact on different aspects of a business. It can increase profitability, innovation, retention, talent recruitment and engagement.

Diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives should be a top priority among businesses if they want to achieve improve these aspects. However, many businesses struggle to convert their diversity and inclusion goals into real, tangible results.

It is a challenging job but not an impossible one. Diversity and inclusivity is more than just promoting different cultures. It also means employees bringing their authentic self to work with confidence.

Where Does An LMS Fit?

A corporate learning management system can drive a cultural shift by providing insightful analytics to leaders and managers. It delivers consistent and relevant training and measures the collective and individual impact of these learning efforts.

These online learning tools can inspire behavioral and attitude change among employees — both are essential to transforming your diversity and inclusion strategies into concrete realities.

Here are some of the ways a learning management system for etraining can also improve organizational diversity and inclusion:

  • A corporate or franchise LMS includes a discussion portal where everyone can raise their voice. Employees can use these forums to communicate their grievances and provide feedback.
  • LMS platforms also feature dashboards where employees can look for quick updates. Organizations can use these dashboards to announce new updates in policies that may impact a team or department.
  • The management can guide new hires and inform them about the company culture during the onboarding and orientation process. This way they can familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures as well as the code of conduct.
  • The management can track the performance and participation of employees in any activity. They can evaluate their involvement to determine employees’ attitudes towards company culture and activities.

An employee using an LMS to access new updates

How Can You Implement a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy?

These easy and actionable tips will help you implement a diversity and inclusion strategy using a learning management system for your business.

Monitor LMS Analytics

People prefer to work for an organization that supports their professional growth and promote diversity. One way to do that is by tracking learning and development initiatives. It will help you monitor employee growth and you can use LMS analytics to understand how different departments, employees, managers and teams participate and engage in your training and development initiatives.

Once you identify gaps, you can design strategies to engage everyone including those with the lowest participation. This will help you refine your learning content for different employees to ensure inclusion.

Support Career Journey

Identify underrepresented employees in your organization and prioritize their growth with a career pathway. This will put each employee on the right course and you will build a leadership funnel.

Career progression allows organizations to structure employees’ experience, knowledge and skills to meet their career goals. eLearning platforms such as Axis LMS make career progression easier for employees.

Employees can access content 24/7 and track their performance. They can also add new skills by taking up new training modules based on their career aspirations.

Train Employees on Unconscious Bias

Many people are not aware of the stereotypes and biases they hold in their subconscious. A learning management system offers blended and social learning where people can work together. It can help uncover and inspire conversations around many biases.

Make learning inclusive and diverse by using Axis LMS — a flagship learning management system for businesses. This LMS for compliance and employee training supports diversity, equity and inclusion with its personalized, blended and microlearning features.

Contact Atrixware for further information or watch a free demo today to learn how Axis LMS works.

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