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How Can Asset Tracking Through Geolocation Help the Food & Beverages Industry?

Even the busiest restaurants always seem so controlled, managed, and calm. People are enjoying with their friends or family while having their food, drinks, and desserts. However, what goes on behind the scenes is not apparent unless you’re a restaurant owner, manager, or kitchen staff.

In reality, when the chefs and workers are preparing the food and the managers are overlooking the process, it can get a   bit chaotic. It’s a tense environment, especially during rush hours. When orders are pouring in, it’s one after the other, and it seems like a never-ending process. No wonder sometimes orders get mixed up, and that’s something no one wants.

When the employees and managers at any restaurant or food and beverage business are under immense pressure, customer satisfaction is at risk. You have to deliver exactly what the customer ordered without compromising flavor or quality. A high waiting time can also impact the customer’s experience.

Along with managing the orders, maintaining quality, and enhancing customer experience, inventory is also something that food and beverage businesses need to take care of. This guide will discuss how these businesses, including restaurants, can use geolocation for asset tracking and how it will benefit them.

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How Does Asset Tracking Help?

Asset tracking using geolocation technology can help the food and beverage industry in multiple ways.

Inventory Tracking

With the help of geospatial data and location intelligence, organizations or restaurants can track their inventory. Usually, the inventory for any food and beverage business consists of consumables items that are perishables.

Inventory tracking can help businesses keep track of their non-unique products or items of high value that are constantly required. This can be the supplies, stock, and items purchased in big quantities, such as vegetables, pulses, oil, condiments, cereals, etc.

Inventory tracking also helps identify how many supplies remain in the current stock. Geolocation technology helps track inventory on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or according to usage. The main purpose is to know which materials are left and how much before their expiry date. This real-time data is useful for all food and beverage businesses.

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Equipment Tracking

Asset tracking also includes tracking the equipment available for a restaurant or business. This is especially helpful when there are different branches or inventory warehouses. It can be a real challenge to find the right pieces of equipment.

With the help of geolocation intelligence, businesses can not only track the assets regardless of their site but also minimize the risk of loss or theft. The geospatial data reveals the real-time location of each piece of equipment. If the need for any asset arrives—for example, delivery vehicles—you can easily keep track of the locations in real-time.

Location intelligence is a precise technology that gives accurate data. Asset tracking uses the geolocation approach, which can track the asset and compute the value so you can have a complete record of each asset. It also helps you ensure that all assets are stored safely, available when required, and are working efficiently. It also enables regular maintenance.

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Equipment Maintenance

Continuing the previous point, keeping all assets and equipment in good condition is necessary for all businesses. Since food and beverage businesses have to ensure good hygiene, clean and well-maintained equipment is crucial. If the hygiene standards aren’t maintained, the product quality, service, and brand reputation will suffer.

Managing Utility

Managing all utility services is also important for food and beverage businesses. They need to manage, monitor, analyze, and create proper reports on all utility consumption. This helps with saving utility bills and handling them efficiently. Geolocation technology assists with this task as well.

Statistical Data

Food and beverage businesses always have huge potential to grow. The industry is currently valued at $738.2 billion. Location and geospatial intelligence doesn’t just help with managing the assets but also getting analytical reports or data regarding the assets.

This data helps businesses streamline their operations and improve customer service. It also assists in daily operations and calculates how much raw material is being used. This helps perfect the final products and service and can also determine how the product delivery can be made better cost-effectively.

How PREDIK Data-Driven Can Help

As restaurants and other businesses in the food and beverage industry continue to grow, they will have to expand their operations. Advanced data science solutions such as geolocation asset tracking are needed to do that effectively.

This is where PREDIK Data-Driven comes in to give your business that extra edge. They can help you build an effective location-intelligent solution for your business. They are a big data analytics company offering location intelligence analytics, geolocation for unveiling a facility’s DNA, competitive intelligence, site selection analytics, and supply chain mapping.

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