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PBN Kings Is Hosting a Dedicated Server without a Footprint 

Many web owners query about the best SEO hosting and what host to use for PBN hosting. The term hosting refers to a service that facilitates websites to upload online content. The content is stored in servers and accessible to users searching in various search engines. As a website owner, you must be aware of different web hosting services. The spectrum of services is wide, each designed to meet the specific requirement of websites. SEO hosting is most prevailing, but a new style of PBN hosting is catching up. PBN Kings Hosting allows you to host a website on a dedicated server without leaving a digital footprint. 

PBN domains are the high authority that usually expires for renewal reasons. Backlinks to money sites in SEO should be untraceable. Hosting is not the only parameter for footprint, content, nature of it, and plugins and more factors affect it. However, web hosting is the primary factor for footprint. When customer nameserver is used in SEO, it leaves a definite footprint. In PBN hosting same-origin website should not be mimicked, revealing the IP address and nameserver scheduled to the website. Private Nameserver makes individual servers exclusive.

Private Nameserver

Private Nameserver has a DNS name server related to a particular domain name as a substitute for HostGator. Nameservers are an integral part of a huge database known as DNS (Domain name system). It is an inclusive system that translates domains and hostnames into IP addresses. When one types a URL on the search bars, the nameserver expresses the application to the appropriate location of the content. Every hosting provider owns strings of nameservers which could be more than two. At the same time, a private Nameserver allows users to change the default nameserver to your brand. It tries to establish you as an independent brand concealing all relations with the host.

SEO hosting

SEO hosting optimizes the site, so it ranks higher on search engines. All features of PBN hosting are included in SEO hosting and are an upgraded version of PBN. SEO hosting is tailor-made for PBN/money sites that carry regular content updates and class maintenance. If you are using PBN as a money site, more bandwidth and hard disk bytes are required. A quality website with excellent content leads to more organic traffic, which needs more bandwidth and disk space.

A dynamic IP address

The prime benefit of PBN hosting is you get an exclusive cPanel account for each domain. Each domain will be allocated a unique IP address in relation to other domains. Instead of Nameserver, Private Nameserver would be used. The one-click installer will set up the CMS; you do not need any coding knowledge to activate it. A dynamic IP address would be allocated that origin from fifteen different locations.

PBN Kings Hosting successfully builds an authentic PBN, where each blog comes with different pages, privacy settings, and SEO-friendly content. All these features organic traffic and achieve a higher rank on search engines. Each blog must display at least ten quality content, each with more than six hundred words counting. To keep the readers engaged, insert images and media files. 

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